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  1. Ann Marie Ackermann
    Has anyone done fingerprint comparisons between your suspect and the Zodiac?
    • detectivekim
      Hi Ann! I believe there was one fingerprint lifted from the cab in the Paul Stine case and it most likely does not belong to the suspect.
    • detectivekim
      I devoted an entire chapter in my book to the problems connected with forensics in cold cases such as degraded DNA samples, the corruption in the testing process, and even fingerprints. For example, in one of my cold cases that I worked for years investigators compared thousands of prints only to learn later the unidentified print was a palmprint, making the comparisons useless. I have been doing follow up research since the book was published and have found even more evidence supporting the theory. I am also working on locating evidence that will actually verify he was in the area at the time of some of the murders and believe if I'm successful this will ultimately prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. :)

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